Horace Batten in the Media

Vogue 2012

The Olympic Edition

In the 2012 Olympic edition of British Vogue, Horace Batten created this powder blue pair of boots, a twist on classical British riding boot for this brilliant equestrian themed shoot.

These boots are on display in our Ravensthorpte workshop.

Escape to the Country BBC 2016

In 2016 Escape to the country on the BBC featured Horace Batten Bookmakers in a Northamptonshire focused Episode.

About Us

Style Reins September 2016

Horace Batten were featured in style Reins Magazine September Edition.

"When you buy British you know you are buying quality and you'll be hard pushed to find better quality than a pair of Horace Batten boots"

Countryside Magazine May 2016

Horace Batten were proud to be featured in the Countryside Magazine in the Magazines special edition celebrating the Queens 90th year in 2016. 

Chelsea Flower Show 2015

In 2015 we were approached and asked to reconstruct the famous Vita Sackville -West gardening boots she notoriously, was rarely seen without.

The boots were featured in the award winning  garden that featured a hut inspired by the lady herself.

Zandra Rhodes and Jeffery West

The Lady Godiva Project 2012

During the Olympic year a giant Lady Godiva puppet was created and paraded through towns throughout the UK passing through each town and collecting a new item. Northampton being a Boot and Shoe town contributed a Boot to the puppet, a size 74 boot at that. Horace Batten were asked to contribute to the project which we did alongside Jeffrey West and Zandra Rhodes

Dath Vader 1980

We were contacted in 1980 by a film company - please could we make some large size boots for Mr. David Prowse an actor who was to be in a space film? We did not know at the time that we were to boot one of the most famous fictional characters in film history.

Apart from the large size (14) English, 16 US - it was a standard job for a pair of heavy wax calf jack boots. Fit was quite important as the actor David Prowse had a bad toe at the time. Perhaps he would have been less frightening if film goers had known he had a bad toe!!!

The boots were made and dispatched and Darth Vader duly appeared on Screen in Star Wars ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

he price back then was £185 which was quite cheap in the circumstances. We do still have a half pair prototype gathering dust in the corner. Although we keep our client list very private, we do bring out this film icon from time to time as some of our younger customers seem very impressed.


If you wish to learn more about Horace Batten Bookmakers please visit our sister site that is packed full of information about the company history and our Bespoke Boot making service.