Appointments & Covid-19

Please note that due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, All Appointments are suspended until further notice and we are not currently taking bookings for new Appointments. If you wish to discuss an Appointment please email us

Why not let us come to you?

Initial Measurements and Placing an Order

To place an Order for a beautiful bespoke pair of Batten Boots in the style of your choice we first must obtain some important measures.

In a day an age where everything can be obtained At the click of a button at a fast pace, Horace Batten Bootmakers way of working sits well and truly outside of this trend and we are proud of it.

The beauty and Value of our boots is in the time, handwork and craftsmanship invested from the very beginning. Unrivalled in our opinion. It is a process that involves you the customer to be part of a bespoke journey to the end goal, a perfect fitting pair of boots, this is a process that can not be rushed and requires further commitment from you the customer by way of fitting appointments throughout the making process. 

The initial measurement appointment is a must to enable an order to be placed.  We will take detailed measurements of the legs and feet as well as foot impressions. These appointments are readily available at our humble and charming, Ravensthorpe workshop. A visit to us can make for a great way to start your bespoke boot journey and we can assure you is an experience you will enjoy. To make and appointment please see the contact us section, call or email

Due to time frames, scheduling and location it is desirable for some customers that we offer a service in which we, the Bootmakers, come to you. These appointments are chargeable and must be booked and agreed at least 14 days in advance. We offer a list of available External appointment options to suit a range of locations at varying charges.

These appointments can be booked online however if you wish to discuss an external appointment further or a loactaion not covered by our set tariff please contact us directly. 

We do offer 4 days throughout the year in which Horace Batten Bootmakers leave the comforts of the Northamptonshire countryside and set up shop in London for the day. This offers the chance for pre arranged appointments on this day for both initial measurement appointments and fitting appointments. Central London 2020 location to be confirmed but the dates are as follows and bookings are now being taken. 

February Complete

Friday 15th May *Suspended until further notice*

Friday 4th September *Suspended until further notice*

November Onwards to be confirmed *Suspended until further notice*

There is a £35 fee payable in advance for an appointment on any of these days. If you wish to fit a pair if boots already on order please contact us directly to discuss.

All external appointments are non refundable and the location must be agreed in advance. Appointments at the workshop in Ravensthorpe are not chargeable and must also be booked in advance. All Appointments are subject to change and a minimum of 72 hours notice will be given. When attending an initial measurement appointment please ensure you bring with you socks, breeches, trousers you wish to wear with your bespoke boots. Appointment lengths will vary however should be complete within 45mins. In order for a bespoke order to be placed a minimum  deposit of £500.00 must be paid. This is on top of the appointment fee and after 28 days is non refundable. This deposit to confirm bespoke boot order can be paid at the Appointment.