Repair and Alteration Service

In House Repairs and Alterations

At Horace Batten we are proud of the craftsmanship and hand work that goes in to every pair of our boots.

All Horace Batten Boots are built to last and designed in a way that with regular care and up keep, can last you a lifetime.  Due to the nature of the way the boots are put together, all elements of the boots can be replaced and repaired over time through wear.

We pride ourselves in offering a full service and aftercare service to ensure Horace Batten Boots are a long term investment.

We undertake all Repair work on Horace Batten Boots. Our repairs and alteration service does extend beyond our own boots however for all work undertaken on items not hand crafted by us there is a compulsory 5% surcharge on the total bill. All repairs as standard must undergo a compulsory full clean and polish and this is chargeable. Terms and Conditions Apply. See below for Pricing and Services available.

Leather Craftsmenship

The Horace Batten Team is made up of a group of very skilled hand craftsmen.

If you have a job you wish to discuss or for us to undertake, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss further.

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Repairs and Alteration Price List

Most Reapir work undertaken and quotes can be given for items not listed

What You Need To Know

Term and Conditions

All repair work undertaken is quoted approximately but may be subject to change if further hand work is required, once the repair work is underway. Repair work to boots that are not made by Horace Batten are subject to a 5% surcharge on the total bill. Once repair work is complete the invoice is payable within 14 days, after 28 days the boots will be taken as payments for outstanding accounts. All boots are given an oil treatment, clean and polish as standard and this is chargeable and non negotiable.

Getting your Repairs to us

Repairs can be dropped off by appointment at our Ravensthorpe workshop.

Alternatively we accept repairs by mail or courier, please ensure a detailed note with repair requirements and contact details are included in the package.


Our team is small but made up of skilled hand craftsmen. The timescale on repairs can vary from 4 to 16 weeks dependant on the time of year and how busy we are.

Why Choose us

At Horace Batten Bookmakers we strongly recommend using our own in house repair service. If you decide to have your Horace Batten Boots repaired elsewhere and damages or problems occur, we can not be held responsible nor can we gaurentee to be able to rectify any problems that arise thereafter. This may also lead to further costs to alterations and repair work going forward if we then agree to undertake any. 

Understanding the nature of alteration work

The nature of Repair and alteration work can mean that boots are altered to an agreed new condition that differs from that of its original state. By choosing to leave work with us you are also accepting and agreeing that work undertaken is done so with a view to delivering the best end result in appearance and fit within our controls and opinion.

Quality Workmanship

We pride ourselves in our workmanship and dedication to deliver the best possible outcome both aesthetically and to add longevity. 

If you have any further questions regarding our repair or alteration service please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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